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by Henry Burrows

Redesigning The House
Farnborough, Hampshire
Bodies present: Mark Stalker, Ian Lindsay, Sue Element, Henry Burrows

As Mike was away on business this evening, we decided to spend the time setting up our next location - Laura's bedroom. This involved swapping almost the entire contents of two rooms; first carrying a sofa, a television and a video out of the room, then moving a double-bed and a chest of drawers in. Possibly easier said than done, but no major hassles.

Then it was a simple case of placing a few "Laura"-ish items around the room - posters of star charts, horoscopes, and the like. We finished off the evening filming an interview with Mark where he went into great depth about various nuances of his character Ray, and told us exactly how he came to get involved. Ian and Sue also made brief appearances on the tape, introducing themselves to the camera.

Mark demonstrates his uncanny skill
with invisible puppets


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