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by Henry Burrows

The Final Scene
Farnborough, Hampshire
Bodies present: Mike Varty, Ian Lindsay, Sue Element, Henry Burrows

Following on from the recent discovery that we hadn't yet completed the kitchen scenes, we decided to shoot the final scene of the entire movie today. It's a typical ending to this kind of film; the action has built up and up, the climactic battle has just finished, and now we're tying up remaining loose ends and providing a final twist; all in less than a minute of screen time.

Because of the high security surrounding this scene, it's not actually possible to reveal too much of what went on, but basically it took us just over an hour to shoot, involved some exterior as well as interior filming, some special effects, new costumes for all characters involved and I had to stand on a wall next to a busy main road for one shot.

Unfortunately there was a bit of a major disaster, not apparent until I checked the tape later - somehow I'd accidentally pressed the annoyingly-placed "date/time" button on the camera, and the entirety of the hallway scenes were overlayed with white digits. The kitchen was fine, as were the shots outside the house, but the hallway was completely unusable. I might see if there's a way to disable this button - it's never useful to me, just ruining any scene where I've accidentally pressed it and not noticed.

Therefore, we will return to this scene at a later date. Oh, by the way, the special effects mentioned above have turned out better than I expected; Foiled has a cool ending - it's just a case of making the rest of the film now...


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