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by Henry Burrows

Bedroom Scenes Begin
Farnborough, Hampshire
Bodies present: Sue Element, Ian Lindsay, Mike Varty, Mark Stalker, Henry Burrows

Tonight we made a return to the bedroom scenes, filmed with the previous cast almost two years ago. As Dave couldn't be here to help out, Mark was on clapperboard and sound effects duty; between takes he amazed us all with his strangely accurate impressions of Dave.

Laura and Jimmy - scared and confused

Ian and Sue were up first, for a straightforward scene where Jimmy wonders why the aliens had to choose Manchester to crash their spacecraft. We hung lights around the walls of the room to try to prevent too many problems with shadows, and managed to achieve some very colourful shots.

Scanner and Jimmy moving the bed

Then Mike was called in, and we threw Mark out, for a scene where Foil Man attempts to gain entry to the bedroom, but is foiled by a bed placed hastily across the door. Mark provided door-thumping and handle-twisting effects from outside the room and could probably only guess at what was happening inside as the number of takes began mounting up. Ian found it impossible to keep a straight face when looking at Mike, so eventually had to stare over Mike's shoulder to stop himself from cracking up.

Late night...
...but worth it.


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