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by Mike Varty

Scaring The Locals
Farnborough, Hampshire
Bodies present: Sue Element, Ian Lindsay, Mike Varty, Henry Burrows

Laura decides she's had
enough of hiding...
So, another action packed evening in front of the camera. But wait... where's the cast? Oh no, disaster. Becky can't make it tonight or tomorrow (which is strange because we all live for Foiled!!!) and Mark 'Raymond' Stalker seems to have caught something - a cold, yes, I'm sure it was a cold. Said it would be bad for continuity (professionals, who'd work with them eh?)

Not to be stopped though, three intrepid actors and Henry (with camera) scaled the dizzy heights of the Foiled household into Laura's bedroom for some fun and frolicking - actually, we could only film a few of the scenes because Helen and Ray are in the rest... read on.

It was a pretty tough evening. We were doing a quietish section in the film where Laura, Jimmy and Scanner get to reflect a bit on the passing away of a few friends (can't mention who, you'll have to see the film). Loads of lines did give me a bit of a problem because I've got the worst memory.

Jimmy stares out of
the bedroom window
Tonight, Ian's foot made its debut appearance, being partially turned to foil after Jimmy kicks an alien!! Fortunately it was fairly clean. You'll never believe how annoying it is to have to put on your shoe and sock on camera, because everytime you have to do another take you have to take them off again. Glad it was Ian doing it.

We had one slight problem during the evening. The bed collapsed!! Henry was just about to film from it as well. After a brief argument about whose books to use to prop it up (mine or Sue's), and a quick bit of DIY fixing from Ian (what a team) we sorted it. As good as new, well probably not.

As I said, a tough evening, because we didn't finish till late, but the last scene was the best. This was where Jimmy spots Ray coming towards the house, but there's an alien on the windowsill, and we all shout at Ray from the bedroom window. Imagine this, it's dark, and you're walking down the street minding your own business, and suddenly, you look at this house and there are three students frantically banging the windows, waving like demented chimpanzees and shouting urgently for someone called Ray not to come any closer to the house... WEIRD...

With that, we closed shop and went our separate ways. We did so well tonight, that filming on tomorrow is not required. Yippee a holiday!!

Demented Chimpanzees?


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