Sunday Night Zombies - Third Draft

Cheese, cheese, cheese and more cheese


An Original Screenplay by

Adam Lopez
Maria Lopez
Vince Pasqualino
Henry Burrows
Howell Parry
And Stephen Davis

Based on story and characters originally
appearing in Foiled
created by Henry Burrows

Draft Version: 7 April 1999

Scene 1: The Vacation


Bob and Kate run into view, holding hands, laughing.

Bob: That was so much fun Kate.

Kate: I love running with you Bob!

Bob: Me, too pumpkin!

Bob and Kate look at the falls. Gaze at each other. Look back at the falls. Then look back at each other dreamily.

Kate: You know, I've never seen the Falls before.

Bob: I thought you'd like them Kate.

Kate: Bob, you're so good to me. I've had so much fun since I met you! I love you Bob!

Bob: I love you too, sugar.

Bob gives Kate a gentle kiss.

Bob: Hey sweetie pie, let's check out the town!

Scene 2: The Proposal


Bob and Kate have fun together in the town. They play crazy golf, buy candyfloss, and even visit a waxworks, which has Frankenstein in the window. When the monster comes to life, Kate shrieks! Bob comforts Kate. As he does so, camera cuts to a mysterious woman (Angie) watching from a distance. Cut back to Bob and Kate.

Kate: (sobbing) I'm sorry Bob. It. . . it just reminds me of. . . of that terrible night... (sobs)

Bob: (hugging Kate) That's OK Kate, that was a year ago. It's all over. I killed all the zombies. They're never going to trouble us again.

Kate: But everyone they killed just came back as more Zombies, how can we be sure we got them all?

Bob: I'm sure honey.

Camera cuts to Angie, hiding on the other side of the street.

Angie: I can't believe Bob dumped me for that emotional wimp! Sooner or later he'll get tired of her. Then he'll be all mine!

Bob: Honey... (holds Kate tightly). I've got something I've been meaning to tell you...

Kate: Bob...?

Bob: Kate, do you remember what I said to you that night? Well I always make good on my promises...(Bob pulls out a ringbox). Kate (gets down on his knees, and presents the box) will you marry me?

Kate: (opens the box to see a ring, gasps) Yes Bob! Oh Yes! (She puts the ring on excitedly and kisses him passionately).

Camera cuts to a furious Angie, hiding on the other side of the street.

Angie: No! He can't...! This wedding can't happen! He should be mine!

Scene 3: The Phone Call


Angie runs down the street to call her brother Tony from a hotel phone.


Angie dials the number.


Tony is sitting at a desk, counting money. Sitting opposite him is a figure (the Zombie). As yet we cannot see who this figure might be, just that he is wearing a long coat and a hat. The phone rings. Tony picks it up.

Tony: (answers phone abruptly) Yeah?

He listens for a moment.

Tony: (concerned) Hey sis, what's happened. What's matter? You're pregnant, aren't you? I'll kill him. Oh my Lord what is Mamma and Pap going to say?!


Angie: (interrupts) Tony! Shut up and listen. I'm not pregnant. It's Bob. I saw him pulling out a ring.


Tony: (relieved and cheerful) Hey congratulations! It's about time you got married! Hey Mom and Pop will be happy to hear this!

He listens on the phone again. His face changes from happy to concerned, then he frowns.

Tony: I see. Ang, you want me to take care of it for you? Yeah, I can stop it. Don't worry Ang, this wedding ain't gonna happen. Alright sis, I'll talk to you later. Ciao.

Tony puts the phone down. He sits for a moment, staring at the figure seated opposite him, thinking. Then he pushes a wad of money across the desk towards the figure.

Tony: I've got another job for you.

Tony opens a drawer in his desk, hunts through it for a moment, then pulls out a photo of Bob and Angie. In the photo, Bob is grinning at the camera, with Angie next to him gazing longingly at him. Tony picks up a black marker pen and circles Bob's face.

Tony slides the photo across the table to the Zombie. The Zombie snatches the photo and looks at it. Tony suddenly leans over the desk and grabs the Zombie's arm. For the first time we see how pale the Zombie's hand his, and his black fingernails. Tony grips the Zombie.

Tony: (very seriously) This one's personal.

Scene 4: The Wedding (Part I)


Bob and Kate stand at the front of the garden with a Priest before them. A few of their closest Friends and Family sit on chairs behind them. Angie observes the proceedings from a hidden viewpoint.

Priest: (looking at his service book) We are gathered here on this sad occasion to...

He looks up at the audience.

Priest: Oh.

He looks back at his service book and turns the page.

Priest: We are gathered here on this glorious Sunday to witness the marriage of Robert Cornelius Waynewright the Third and Katherine Elizabeth Bradgate.

(cut to Bob and Kate looking at each other).

Priest: Before I ask the couple to make their wedding vows, I am required to ask anyone present who knows a reason why these persons may not lawfully marry to declare it now.

Zombie: (off camera) Grrrrowl.

Priest: (looking up) Sorry? I didn't quite get that...

The Zombie, still in disguise, rushes forward arms extended, groaning. He barges past the guests, and grabs Bob by the throat. Kate screams and falls to her knees. Angie runs forward to help Bob.

Angie: Nooooo!

Angie tears at the Zombie's hat and sunglasses, which fall off.

Angie: This wasn't meant to happen!

Angie pounds at the Zombie's back. The Zombie growls as he is startled, and drops Bob. The Zombie swats Angie away. There is a vicious cracking sound from her neck, and she falls to the ground, eyes staring blankly into space - instantly killed. The Zombie returns to his target, but the Priest, clutching a crucifix, steps in his way. Kate drags Bob away from the Zombie.

Priest: Dear Lord please banish this evil from whence it came. Protect us from Satan. . .

Zombie: (leaning over in the Priest's face) Grrrrrowl!

Priest: Oh my...

The Priest, terrified, fumbles his crucifix and drops its. The Zombie's arms whip up, clasping around the Priest's throat. The Priest's eyes widen as he gasps for breath, but the grip is too tight.

Priest: Our father... (gasps and dies, falling to the floor).

Cut to Kate who is grabbing Bob's side, trying to tug him away.

Kate: (sobbing) Bob, let's run away!

The Zombie turns away from the Priest's carcass and looms forward to Bob, growling, arms extended.

Kate: Bob! Please! We'll be killed!

Bob: (looks at Kate and then back in direction of the Zombie) No Kate, we're not running anymore.

Bob steps forward to face the Zombie, Kate cowering by his side, still clutching his arm.

Bob: Stop. Wait. Listen to what I've got to say.

The Zombie frowns slightly, then brings its arms up to Bob's neck. Bob brushes them aside impatiently.

Bob: (forcefully) Listen!

The Zombie looks surprised and takes a partial step backwards.

Bob: Now I don't know what you've got against us, we've done nothing to you. Yes, we killed a few of your kind a year ago, but it was purely in self-defence. There must be more to... to being a zombie... than all this death. Don't let yourself be typecast as a brain-dead killing machine. Who says zombies have to be mindless and uncaring? Break the mould! Reject the zombie lifestyle. You were human once - do you remember what it was like? Were you ever in love? Did you ever care about someone so much that you'd lay down your life for her? Well that's how I feel about Kate and I beg you, look inside yourself, ask yourself why you're doing this, and if you have any doubts, any doubts at all, then let true love prevail. Let us finish what we came here for.

The Zombie stands motionless, staring at Bob, trying to comprehend all that he has just said.

The Zombie steps forward once again, bringing its arms up and grabbing Bob. Kate steps hurriedly away from him. Bob looks shocked for a moment, then realises the Zombie is giving him a hug. He pats the Zombie on the back.

Zombie: Grrrwwlll...

Bob: There, there...

Kate rushes forward and hugs them both. Meanwhile, unnoticed by anyone, the Priest's eyes flicker open. He looks mean, and very pale. One lip curls up, revealing jagged teeth. He is beginning to reanimate as a Zombie Priest. Nearby, Angie too is stirring. She is beginning to reanimate as Zombie Angie.

Tony is watching the proceedings from the same hidden viewpoint that Angie was hiding in earlier. He turns and leaves.

Meanwhile, the Zombie Priest and Zombie Angie are rising to their feet either side of the happy couple. Kate screams. But the recently converted Zombie comes to their rescue. He points one arm at each Zombie.

Zombie: Grrrwwwll!!

Zombie Angie and Zombie Priest both halt.

Angie: (puzzled) Grrrrwww?

Zombie: Grrrwwwl!

Priest: Grrw??

Zombie: Grrrwwww!

The growling continues for a few moments, and the Zombie lowers his arms, having obviously convinced the other two of something. He steps over to Angie, puts one arm around her and growls seductively. The Zombie Priest reaches down and picks up his service book.

Scene 5: The Car


The trunk of the car opens. Tony is standing, looking into it. He reaches in and opens a violin case. Inside the case is a gun. He picks up the gun and checks it. He looks very mean. The death of his sister has driven him completely insane. The trunk of the car slams shut.

Scene 6: The Wedding (Part II)


Traditional wedding music fills the air. The camera pans across the wedding audience, which now includes Zombie Angie on an aisle seat beside the original Zombie. Bob and Kate are smiling at each other at the front. The Zombie Priest is standing with them, service-book in hand. He looks from Kate to Bob.

Priest: (groans out the wedding vows) Grr grrr grrr grr Kate grr grr?

Bob: I do!

Priest: (groans out the wedding vows) Grr grrr grrr grr Bob grr grr?

Kate: I do!

Priest: (lifting up arms, happily) Grrrrr!

Bob and Kate kiss and hug, then turn to face the audience. The audience begin to clap and cheer. Suddenly, at the back of the audience, a man stands and raises his arm, holding a gun. It is Tony.

Tony: (shouting) Bob!

The clapping and cheering stops almost instantly. Everyone turns to look at Tony. Bob is frozen on the spot, unable to take in this extra horror. Tony's finger closes on the trigger and a strange smile drifts over his face.

Angie: Grr...nooooooo!

Suddenly Zombie Angie rises up between Tony and Bob. Bullets thud into her body and she jerks spasmodically, but somehow manages to stay upright. Tony empties the gun, continuing to pull the trigger after the last bullet has been fired. The original Zombie seems enraged and clambers to its feet. It lumbers towards Tony, strange growling noises coming from its throat. It stops in front of Tony, lifts one hand, forms it into a fist, and punches him full in the face. Crunch. Blackness.

Photographer (VO): Smile!

There is a brilliant white flash, which fades down to reveal a still black and white photograph of the wedding party, Bob and Kate in the centre, surrounded by family and friends. The Zombie Priest is standing to one side with a Zombie Tony, and Zombie Angie is hugging the original Zombie on the other side.

"The End" appears over the picture; the credits begin to roll.