Sunday Night Zombies - UK Changes

It's getting cheesier
Changes by Henry Burrows:
  1. Introduced the well-known concept of reanimation. Basically anyone killed by a Zombie comes back to life as a Zombie themselves. This is mentioned by Kate near the beginning to explain some of the events later in the film.
  2. Renamed "Paulie" as Tony.
  3. Made the Priest a little more "dithering" by having him fumble his crucifix and lose his life through incompetence.
  4. Enhanced Bob's plea to the Zombie as this is a central speech which the entire plot depends on. We've got to believe that he could talk a Zombie out of doing what it does best.
  5. Made the ending much stronger by tying up all loose ends and characters (we must known what happens to Angie and Tony particularly, as well as the dead priest).
  6. Added two more Zombies, otherwise it might as well have been called Sunday Night Zombie.
  7. Added some more action at the wedding to give it another twist and a final punch.

Changes by Howell Parry:
  1. Merged the two scenes of Tony on the phone and tightened them up, hence introducing the Zombie earlier (Zombies are the key element to the film).
  2. Turned Angie into a Zombie in the wedding scene so she can be the one that takes the bullets intended for Bob.
  3. Made the Priest more dithering by having him read the wrong service initially.
  4. Corrected some of the Priest's speeches to make them more authentic.

Changes by Stephen Davis:
  1. Introduced Tony earlier to the wedding scenes.
  2. The Zombie conversion scene.