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by Henry Burrows

Musical Blairs

The last couple of months have seen a change in the behind-the-scenes crew.  Our original soundtrack composer, Penri Jones, has vanished into the woods and left us composerless.  So I thought I'd try my hand at it myself - at least, for the interior scenes.  Since August I've successfully completed the first 55 minutes of the soundtrack (being careful not to overdo it - too much music is worse than none), which covers the entire "night trapped in the house" part of the film.  To get a "fresh", "new-day" sound to the remaining exterior scenes, I've decided to get the remainder of the soundtrack from other sources - fortunately we've had plenty of offers so I'm hoping it won't be long now before it's all in place!

Last night I was lucky enough to meet, briefly, Linda Blair and William Peter Blatty of The Exorcist fame, and grab myself a signed copy of the video.  I followed that with a late-night showing of The Blair Witch Project, which is only just on release here in the UK, and was most impressed with it - in fact I suddenly feel like going camping in some woods... (seriously!)

Spooky Foiled Coincidences

I've noticed some strange coincidences recently; maybe I've just spent too much time working on this thing (some people would say not enough!), but everything is reminding me of Foiled in some way.  I was watching Bowfinger last week - a no-budget movie director (yes, sounds familiar...) making a film about aliens (yes.....) including a shot of a strange guy with foil wrapped around his face (hmmmm!).  Then, Blair Witch, with the hand-held "running through the woods" shots which feature heavily in our "woodland chase" scenes (although we only had to put up with a mad David).  Still, the world seems a lot friendlier to us low budget efforts than it did back in '95 when we started!

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