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by Henry Burrows

...The Sound Of Aliens

Steve makes noises

Late last week a few of the Foiled regulars, and a new face - Stephen Davis - got together at Gargoyle Studio in Farnborough to record the sounds of the aliens.  We didn't know exactly what we wanted, but Steve's voice could do really weird things, so we got a variety of effects recorded.  We tried various "moods" for different scenes of the movie, like "angry", "surprised", "scared" and "about-to-explode".  The one that had us laughing the most was "alien chatline" - various attempts at making the aliens "talk" to each other for the final scenes where the students are faced with a swarm of the little foil creatures.

I've uploaded one of Steve's chatline efforts as an MP3-encoded .wav file (if that means anything to you!); you can hear it by clicking here.

All that's remaining to do now is the music.

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