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by Henry Burrows

Seventy Three Point Five

I've finished!  Yes, believe it or not, editing on Foiled is now complete... but don't get your hopes up just yet, I've still got to go back and clean up the sound, and add some special effects.  But this is a major milestone and from here on it's pretty much downhill.  The last few scenes flew by, with aliens exploding all around and the action coming thick and fast.  For the last week I've been completing about a minute of screen-time every evening, and tonight was the last one, bringing the total running time (excluding closing credits) to 73 minutes and 30 seconds.

I'm very happy with how the closing scenes have come together; a few cast members have had a preview of about a minute of it and they didn't cringe too much so that's good news!  I've got a feeling my CD-cutter is going to be working overtime during the next few days as I back-up the edited footage...

Oh well, that's all the news for now, I'm off to Toronto next week for Adam's birthday celebrations, to shoot Sunday Night Zombies, and maybe to check out one or two movies that haven't made it over to these shores yet...

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