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by Henry Burrows

First Quarter Complete
Location: Farnham, Surrey

Editing has been progressing over the last couple of months; slowly at first, but as I'm getting used to the system it's getting quicker.   It's pretty cold outside at this time of year (as the cast no doubt remember from last year when they were running around outside in T-shirts!), so I don't mind sitting indoors in the warmth of my "editing suite".  I've just reached the first dream sequence in the movie, which marks approximately the end of the first quarter.  It wasn't really planned this way originally, but each dream sequence seems to come at a key point in the film - the first (this one) at the point where the students discover they're trapped in the house with little hope of escape.

Looking ahead, the second quarter of the movie deals with the students' frustration at their situation, the introduction of a new character, and some worrying setbacks.  Then there's the second dream sequence (featuring Green Man) which marks a turning point in the movie - after this the students start to fight back.  The third and final dream sequence signals the last scenes in the house, before the students are forced onto the road and into the depths of some woods in Wales.

The length of this first quarter has come in at about twenty minutes, which might indicate a final length of eighty minutes, but I've got a feeling these so-called "quarters" aren't going to be exactly equal in length.  So the target of ninety minutes in total is still about right.

Earlier this evening I watched a 30-minute movie "Abduction", made by fellow UK low-budget moviemakers Bellridge Production.  If you didn't think quality special effects were possible on a low budget, get hold of this movie and check out what can be achieved - very impressive!   Abduction features aliens, dream sequences, a forest... how could I not like it?  :-)

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