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by Henry Burrows

Starting On The Movie
Location: Farnham, Surrey

Since the last diary entry the trailer has been completed and shown on a number of occasions to the core Foiled fans, and work has begun on the final movie itself.  Once again I find myself at the "gathering sound effects" stage, building a library of useful sound samples to be used for everything from aliens to generic background "atmospheric" noises.  All source footage tapes are now catalogued and ready for digitization as required.  And I've just added a vast amount of hard disk space to my PC to store the work in progress.

One small piece of extra material has been shot, a very brief shot of the alien running alongside a road as the sun sets in the background - a shot I realised I hadn't yet obtained.  I filmed this just outside my place of work last night using my old favourite "camcorder in a bag" method of filming; hanging the camera in a plastic bag enables me to get low to the ground for that 'realistic' alien point-of-view shot.

Other news; I've decided to see a few films at the London Film Festival this year, which will be a first for me.  The only film festival I've ever been to was The Festival of Fantastic Films in Manchester back in September 1996, although I did find myself in Toronto at the same time as the Toronto Film Festival once...

Coming Soon (we hope): more progress on editing.
The end isn't quite nigh.

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