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by Henry Burrows

Location: Farnborough, Hampshire
Bodies present: Mark Stalker, Ian Lindsay, Mike Varty, Sue Element, Mark Flitter, Mohammad Negargar, David Randell, Howell Parry, Henry Burrows, Mark's Mate Whose Name I've Forgotten, Angry Neighbour

Ian - cooking
Tonight Mark Stalker threw a bit of a party, complete with barbecue, to celebrate both the completion of principal photography on Foiled and his imminent departure from his current house.  Fingers were crossed that Steve McCombe would be able to make it but in the end he had to cancel as he couldn't get the time off work (a bit of a shame as most of the cast have never met him!).

The weather was warm and sunny, and Ian had appointed himself chef for the evening; with his well known expertise at hosting barbecues he was the obvious man for the job.  Mark provided the location (the spacious garden at the rear of his current house), the guests provided the food to be cooked (and the beer to be drunk) and the props department of Foiled provided the entertainment...

Yes, it was decided that as Foil Man was no longer needed for filming, we would blow up the costume!  We gathered the pieces on the grass, stuffed them with newspaper, and propped the resulting dummy up at the rear of the garden.  One of our extra-special large maroons was placed in the centre of his chest and the wire hidden out of sight behind him, running through to Mark Flitter with the battery a safe distance away.  The camera was started, the audience held their breath, then Foil Man exploded...

Foil Man loses his head... and the rest of himself too

As you can see from the above picture, it was getting dark by the time we actually detonated him, but the shot may just end up in a dream sequence somehow.  In fact, I've been thinking about these dream sequences and there's really no reason why we can't throw all sorts of weird things in them - they're dreams after all and since when have dreams really made sense?  One of my ideas, which may or may not work, is to include a few faint scenes of the old cast in one of Scanner's dreams - it seems such a shame to let all their hard work go to waste.  I'm sure a reason for such an event can be thought of... maybe Scanner is trying to reject everything that's happening to him and imagining that it's all taking place for a completely different house of students...?  Sounds loopy I know, but I might just try it.  (But whatever I include, I won't feature any dwarves, this isn't Living In Oblivion you know...)

Mark is the joke
The night continued on as you might imagine; lots of food, followed by lots of drink - and a further detonation of one of the remaining large maroons, causing an irate neighbour to emerge from the shadows of next door... "Are you going to be letting any more fireworks off?  I've got children and animals next door!!"  Mark hastily apologised to the man while Mike got increasingly wound up over the incident... "I just don't like people like that... I would never live next door to someone like him..."

As the darkness made further conversation outside more and more like a game of "guess where the voice is coming from" we moved indoors for a feature video presentation of From Dusk Till Dawn and Mark's "amazing" joke.  Don't ask me what the joke was about, and I don't think anyone else understood it either, but it ended with Mark grinning insanely and holding something that was supposed to resemble a chicken... well it was his party, we let him do what he wanted...

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