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by Henry Burrows

Location: Nr Alton, Hampshire
Bodies present: Mohammad Negargar, Ian Lindsay, Sue Element, Henry Burrows

The man wants a lift...
Just a couple of additional scenes tonight which will be inserted into the driving sequences.  First up was a scene which we originally intended to shoot about six months ago but because of logistical problems it had been put off about a dozen times - it was quite a relief to finally film it.  This scene features a hitch-hiker standing by the side of the road; Jimmy stops to offer him a lift but drives on when he discovers the man's destination is Birmingham.

Mohammad Negargar made his one and only Foiled appearance tonight as the hitch-hiker - impressing all of us with his natural acting ability, even if he did only have three lines to say.
The hitcher stares in horror
at the back seat of the car

After we had shot the hitching scene, we tried an experimental angle with the camera just above road level beside the car as we drove - it seemed to work well and a few seconds of it will no doubt make the final cut.

It's hard to believe, but all the actors have now finished their work on Foiled!

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