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by Henry Burrows

Alien Creation
Location: Farnham, Surrey
Bodies present: Henry Burrows, Howell Parry

A couple of days ago we had some good news - Sue had dyed her hair back to its previous colour, and Foiled could continue!  After a lot of last minute planning, we decided to shoot the final battle scenes this weekend, well tomorrow to be precise.  I decided we'd need a lot more aliens than we currently had, as the script calls for about thirty of them arriving on the scene to fight against the students and their supply of deadly mushrooms, with lots of action and explosions.  In fact, there are seventeen specific explosions in the script and others that we could add to enhance some scenes.  To make things easier for the day, I came up with a new design of alien which had a hollow 'stomach' area for easy insertion of the theatrical flashpots, but we still needed to make lots of them...

Fortunately Howell was down for the weekend to assist with filming - so after a short tutorial on how to create the foil creatures, we set about making as many as possible.  It took much longer than expected, but by 1am Sunday morning we had a total of sixteen ready-to-explode aliens... it might have been quicker if we hadn't been watching episodes of Monkey at the same time.....

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