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by Henry Burrows

The Wrong Trousers!
Farnborough, Hampshire
Bodies present: Ian Lindsay, Mark Stalker, Sue Element, David Randell, Mike Varty, Henry Burrows

A much later start than normal tonight, as we're now well into May and sunset has fallen back to sometime around 9pm. The late sunset gives us benefits though - we can film "daytime" scenes after work during the summer.

Jimmy boots an alien downstairs
Tonight began with a shock. Previously, on the 7th of April, when Dave forgot to bring along his Pizza Delivery Man costume, Mark gave him an incredibly hard time over it. Tonight, Mark forgot to bring the trousers that were part of his costume for Ray... Dave got his revenge, and Mark had nothing to say! We had to make do with the clothes he was wearing.

The scenes set at the top of the stairs in the student house were completed tonight. One of the key shots involved Jimmy kicking an alien over the bannisters and out of sight. We set up the shot, Dave positioning himself just out of view of the camera to throw the alien at Ian, and prepared for a long and arduous series of takes. Surprise - Ian got it spot on first time! The alien "leaped" into the air, Ian's foot came up, made contact, and the alien vanished over the bannister. We were suitably impressed.

Spot the Foil Man
After a brief stint as a dead Pizza Delivery Man outside the bedroom door, Dave was glad to stretch his legs once more and get foiled up into the Foil Man costume. We headed outside into the back-garden for a particularly spooky shot of Foil Man emerging from the shadows and entering the house for the first time. By amazing coincidence it was a full moon, and the moon was positioned perfectly, just above the bushes behind where Foil Man would emerge. We couldn't have planned it better. The shot itself turned out great, with two glowing red dots appearing from the darkness, approaching the house, and gradually the shape of a Foil Man appearing as the light from the kitchen reflected off the costume.

The evening finished (late) with a scene featuring Ray arriving at the house, being chased by one of the small aliens. Chased? Well, in reality the alien was tied to Mark himself, so I suppose it was more "towed" than chased! Ian took over alien wrangling for the final shot of the night - the alien frustrated outside the back door, trying desparately to get into the house. And that was it - all night-time, student-house based scenes complete.... a major milestone.


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