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by Henry Burrows

Last Of The Lounge
Farnborough, Hampshire
Bodies present: David Randell, Ian Lindsay, Sue Element, Mark Stalker, Mike Varty, Henry Burrows

This morning, we made the decision to finish all remaining lounge scenes tonight. Ian is heading off to New York tomorrow to work for a week there (at very short notice!), and Mike needs to use the room currently set up as the student lounge over Easter. Arranging this involved some hectic phoning around the people involved and cancelling all other plans we had made, but fortunately everyone was willing to help out.

A lounge-full of bodies
We arrived at the house straight after work and immediately began preparation for the scenes. The first shot had to be done while it was still light outside, as in the film it takes place the morning after the students' night of terror. Dave climbed into his Foil Man costume, while the rest of us patched up any areas of it that had torn or had "gone see-through". Mark had perhaps the most boring role tonight; he merely had to lie still under a coat and appear not to be breathing.

The first scene went smoothly, all necessary shots achieved before the sun went down, and then we had an hour's wait until it was dark enough outside to shoot the remaining scenes. This break was a good excuse for food and beer (rehearsals? us? you must be joking!) and for Dave to cool down. The last three scenes involved: (a) Jimmy hunting for a can of beer, (b) Ray having his coat placed over him, and (c) an alien crawling past the video recorder's clock. Easy!

Filming out of the way, we helped move large items of furniture around the house for the last time and packed most of the now useless props into the back of my car. We're now rapidly approaching the end of the student house scenes, with possibly only one or two more evenings' worth of material remaining to be shot here. Coming soon: driving scenes - watch out for a Foil Man in a car near you........


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