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by Henry Burrows

What is Foil Man up to?
Farnborough, Hampshire
Bodies present: David Randell, Ian Lindsay, Sue Element, Mike Varty, Mark Stalker, Henry Burrows

The top of the stairs - possibly our most challenging location yet. Not only do we have to deal with two bright light bulbs creating odd lines on the camera's lens, and attempting to shoot a variety of angles in a narrow corridor (narrow meaning it's about the width of one person) but also this is a location with scenes of little conversation and much action. All of which indicates that this will be a time-consuming place to film, so we've set four days aside for it.

Laura goes mad with a knife
As usual when an evening's filming involves Foil Man, there is a lot of time spent getting the costume looking right. This time we had some patching work to do on the head, as it had ripped quite badly last time it was removed. Once we got started we found ourselves having to shoot possibly the most frightening scene yet- not frightening in terms of the finished movie, but scary because it involved Sue carrying a large and very sharp knife whilst running up the stairs, around a corner, past Ian, and straight towards myself, Mark and Dave (in his Foil Man outfit) - without killing any of us on the way. Our reasonably safe solution was for Sue to drop the knife before she got too close to us; that worked well even though one time it landed mere millimetres from Dave's foot...

Mark's infamous "knife-protruding-from-chest" prop had its screen debut tonight, strapped onto Dave's front. It looked good, and worked well until Dave hit the floor - it then immediately snapped off. A minor script rewrite solved that one. Watching the footage later, I noticed everything had a strange green tint to it, probably caused by setting the white balance against something non-white, but it's an interesting effect and I've decided to keep it in for all scenes in this location - it makes everything seem more alien.

Are you scared yet?


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