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by Rebekah Croxson

Living Room Scenes
Farnborough, Hampshire
Bodies present: Sue Element, Mike Varty, Ian Lindsay, Rebekah Croxson, Mark Stalker, Henry Burrows

Helen waits to hear Laura's
reading of the cards
In between yawns and lethargic moments of tea consumption, this evening turned out to be full of revelations - not surprising really when colour cards are the main prop. Laura (Sue) displayed finely honed interpretation skills - Mark, it was revealed, will sire no less than five children; Scanner (Mike) has a passionate homelife. There wasn't time for my cards to be read this evening but the prop itself was a revelation for me - how did Henry find the time and patience to colour each card in so neatly ? Moreover, why didn't his felt-tip pens start to fade and dry out half way through the task as the felt-tip pens of my childhood always used to do ? A set of cards individually hand coloured, now there is dedication for you.

Whilst I was marvelling Henry's penmanship, the group focus switched to marketing the cards - you too will one day be able to own your very own set, available to buy at a Foiled convention near you !

There were other revelations too - how did Mike mange to spring up from the beanbag he was sitting on each time someone mentioned Aliens ? Why has Helen got an annoying habit of turning off electrical appliances whilst others are trying to use them ? Most perplexing of all, how did Henry train his stomach to rumble that loudly ? (Henry: lack of food...)

Jimmy and the lads from Star Trek


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