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by Henry Burrows

Lounge preparation
Farnborough, Hampshire
Bodies present: Mike Varty, Sue Element, Mark Flitter, Ian Lindsay, Mark Stalker, Henry Burrows

We had originally planned to begin work on the scenes that take place at the top of the stairs tonight, but Becky had to make a last minute cancellation. As her character Helen plays an important part in the top of the stairs scenes we decided to put them off for a couple of weeks and instead start on the only other remaining interior location - the lounge.

To do this, however, was not quite as straightforward as moving into another room and beginning filming. The lounge did not currently look much like a student lounge - it was the location previously used as the "bare room" for the dream sequences! Solution: we all became furniture movers for the evening and swapped the contents of three rooms - in the process returning Mike and Sue's bedroom to a state vaguely similar to how it was before we started on the bedroom scenes.

Once the lounge was set up, lacking only a collection of Jimmy's empty beer cans and bottles which would be obtained at the weekend, we moved into the kitchen to shoot some of the opening credits using fridge magnets.


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