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by Henry Burrows

Another room bites the dust
Farnborough, Hampshire
Bodies present: Mark Flitter, Mike Varty, Sue Element, Rebecca Croxson, Ian Lindsay, Mark Stalker, Henry Burrows

Steve tries to
figure out what's going on
Today was the very last scene to be shot in the bedroom. This was the scene where Laura's boyfriend, Steve, makes his first appearance in the film, and as such marked the debut of Mark Flitter. Dressed in a coat and wearing shades, he strolls into the house blissfully unaware of the alien presence hiding in the shadows outside. The alien Foil Man, who has been waiting for an opportunity to gain entrance to the house...

Mark Stalker - crazy or lazy?
I'd worked on this scene before, with the old cast almost two years ago, but this time around the cast were more experienced and we had less problems - although for some reason we again had several takes of the line "Laura gave me a backdoor key". Mark seemed very natural in the role of Steve and although the first couple of shots involved him merely making noises outside the door, when it came time to enter the room he came up with an unusual way of doing it...

Behind the scenes Mark Stalker was on microphone duties, trying his best at all times to keep the shadow of the boom away from the action. This was achieved by him hiding in lots of weird places, his favourite was of course lying on the bed...

The plan for tomorrow is to move on to the scenes just outside the bedroom, at the top of the stairs.


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