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by Henry Burrows

Dreaming of potatoes and fields
Farnborough and Holybourne, Hampshire
Bodies present: Mike Varty, David Randell, Mark Stalker, Ian Lindsay, Henry Burrows, Shaun Gostelow

Foil Man heads menacingly
towards Scanner
Following Thursday's successful lunchtime trip to locate a field, it was time to shoot Scanner's last remaining dream sequence (shot with the previous cast over a year ago).

We started the dream sequence with the interior location, scripted as a bare white room. To achieve this we shot in what will be the lounge of the student house with the camera suitably adjusted to make things appear much whiter than they actually are. The dream opens with Scanner counting potatoes (perhaps representing the small potato-shaped aliens) before the invincible Foil Man appears and threatens him.

In a field
To achieve the endless stream of potatoes that Scanner counts, Ian was lying on the floor out of sight, passing the potatoes back under Mike's chair for him to pick up again. We finished the interior shoot with a crazy dance between Scanner and Foil Man - onlookers found it hard to stop laughing at the utter strangeness of the scene.

Next up was the field. We headed out to our new location and got set up. If anyone had been walking through the area they might have had a shock - Mike, wearing a dressing-gown, was sitting on his chair in the middle of the field, whilst Dave, dressed as Foil Man, ran around trying to look scary.

Once we had the shots we needed, there was plenty of time to try out the old rope swing and take a look at some of the surrounding woods in case they might prove useful for scenes later in the movie. It's possible we might one day return, but that was all for today - we finished with a couple of pints in the pub followed by a Nepalese curry...

Scanner shouts to the sky above


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