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by Shaun Gostelow

Green field hunting in deepest Hampshire
Holybourne outside Alton, Hampshire
Bodies present: Shaun Gostelow, Ian Lindsay, Henry Burrows

At about 12:30pm we set out from the offices, where we all work, in Grayshott near Haslemere. It was a 30min drive to Alton and another couple of minutes to Holybourne. A fairly uneventful (but fast) drive. We pulled up in the entrance to a field full of small green crops. Beside the field ran a particularly muddy track running along a line of trees. "Is this it?!" Ian exclaimed.

We all got out of the car and slipped and slid our way along the mud track towards a row of grassy hills. These hills were what we had come for. Once we got to the hillside Henry had a quick look around and made some positive noises about the location. I mentioned the fact that there was a rope swing about half way up the hill and we wandered up to see if it looked safe. After Ian had made a bug fix to the rope we all had a go at trying to kill ourselves and then headed back to the car.

The Countryside

Back at the office we all did our best to clean our shoes, but ended up leaving a trail of mud from the front door to each of our desks. The evidence was all too obvious to deny when the cleaners arrived in the evening.

Anyway, Henry was happy with the location and filming was planned for the following Sunday. The only question being if the weather would be good enough.

Ian goes MAD


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