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by Henry Burrows

The Last Of The Kitchen?
Farnborough, Hampshire
Bodies present: Mike Varty, David Randell, Mark Stalker, Ian Lindsay, Sue Element, Henry Burrows

Laura wonders what to do
A relatively easy night tonight - just the final discussion between Jimmy and Laura in the kitchen and then we can move on to a new room! We allowed at least an hour for rehearsals, as we were going to do the entire discussion in one long shot. Sue and Ian practised their lines over and over until they could say them in their sleep, then we got Dave into his Foil Man outfit, put him on the kitchen floor next to a very pale Ray, and we were ready to go.

After that things went relatively smoothly, Mike on microphone duties as his character Scanner is currently out of action (having previously been possessed by the alien and transformed into Foil Man). We shot the entire scene from a number of angles, wide and close-ups, and that was it. The kitchen complete.

Later that night, logging shots from the tape into my log book, I noticed it wasn't quite the final kitchen scene. The last scene in the movie also features the kitchen, albeit during the daytime instead of the night. So we will return... possibly soon.


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