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by Henry Burrows

Flying Mushrooms
Farnborough, Hampshire
Bodies present: Mike Varty, David Randell, Mark Stalker, Ian Lindsay, Sue Element, Henry Burrows

An alien scrambles onto Ray's chest
The plan for this week is to finish the kitchen scenes off, so that Sue and Mike can put some new shelves up and generally change the appearance of the room. Tonight we were filming the "missing" scene from a few weeks back when we couldn't shoot outside because of rain. After watching the video footage to work out exactly what positions people should be in, and after rearranging the kitchen to resemble (more or less) previous shots, we set to work with the first special effect of the evening - an alien jumping onto Ray. This is the second time in the movie that this happens to him - I guess he's just unlucky.

Scanner is dragged back indoors
Ray then collapses to his knees on the floor and is transformed into yet another incarnation of the "invincible" Foil ManMark managed to twitch on the floor quite convincingly as the foil took him over, then Dave stepped in with his recently spray-painted Foil Man outfit. The mylar survival blankets we use for Foil Man's costume look good but the silver colour rubs off leaving clear plastic after heavy use, so we'd sprayed the bare patches silver to hide them.

To prevent Scanner locating the poisonous mushroom outside, Foil Man charges out and grabs him, dragging him back inside where he plans to kill him and the remaining students. The red eyes glowed intensely in the darkness - Foil Man has never looked so menacing! Once inside, Jimmy attempts to free Scanner, but is captured himself. It's all left up to Laura to save them...

Finally, having completed the scene with a brightly coloured mushroom flying into the kitchen from outside (stunt mushrooms on standby as they tend to disintegrate easily), we packed up to go. At which point we discovered that Dave now had a silver face and hair - the spray paint was possibly not a good idea...

Jimmy being choked by Foil Man


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