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by Ian Lindsay

The Pizza Man Foiling
Farnborough, Hampshire
Bodies present: Mike Varty, Ian Lindsay, Sue Element, David Randell, Henry Burrows

Tonight we filmed the missing part from the scene shot yesterday, as the Pizza Man hands over the pizza he is attacked, then turned into Foil Man. This required some expert alien wrangling (and lots of fishing line) as the alien rushes for the Pizza Man. Then came the foiling, as the Pizza Man is covered with foil. David managed to perform a quite convincing fit as he was progressively covered with foil. Mike's next door neighbour found all this quite amusing.

The pizza man is no more...

The second scene shot today was as Scanner hunts around his room for something to try on the alien captured in the lunch box. This presented a few problems with lighting, but these were resolved without too many shadows of the film crew on the final scene.

Scanner in his room


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