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by Henry Burrows

In The Hall
Farnborough, Hampshire
Bodies present: Mike Varty, Ian Lindsay, Rebecca Croxson, Sue Element, Henry Burrows

Jimmy wonders where
the world has gone
A relatively easy night tonight. Missing one key person for the kitchen scenes (Mark Stalker - see last entry for details), we decided to move along one room to the hallway. The scene was relatively straightforward - Scanner attempts to phone the police, but accidently hits the redial button and gets the pizza place that Helen had phoned earlier in the evening. Then, as Jimmy attempts to help, the line goes dead. The students' last method of communication with the outside world has been broken...

The scene presented few problems to shoot - only one take went wrong - and provided me with an opportunity to climb inside a cupboard to get a decent angle on the students as they used the phone (not comfortable, but better than just filming the backs of their heads).

Following on from that we returned to a scene near the beginning of the movie - the first appearance of Scanner, as Helen makes her way upstairs to study for an exam.

It's not exactly a major scene, Helen being used as merely a link between Jimmy in the kitchen and Scanner entering the lounge, so we had no trouble shooting it. We shot several angles (just to make editing more of a tricky decision) and that was it, time to go home.

Helen passes Scanner on the stairs


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