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by Henry Burrows

Foil Man gets to work in the kitchen
Farnborough, Hampshire
Bodies present: David Randell, Sue Element, Mike Varty, Henry Burrows

Tonight we were filming a key sequence where Foil Man, having gained access to the student house, enters the kitchen and accidently knocks the radio from the top of the fridge. Then, using his alien knowledge, he uses the electronics from inside the radio to construct a 'stun' device to be used as a weapon against the students hiding upstairs.

First (minor) problem was a recently broken pane of glass in the back door. The door had been seen in previous scenes, so for continuity reasons we had to shoot from angles where it would be partially obscured. As an aside here, the story behind the broken glass is amusing; Mike and Sue went down to the Gym and forgot to take a key with them - so they had to break in to their own house, the fools!

Dave was eager to get into the Foil Man costume and begin filming (nothing to do with wanting to watch "I'm Alan Partridge" at 10pm, honestly), so after a few minor improvements (enlarging and reshaping the eyes, strengthening the mouth and repatching a few weak areas) we began. We got some great footage of Foil Man constructing the device, some shot from behind as he adjusted the components, and the rest from floor level looking up as he studied his work. Check out his expression here!

Foil Man hard at work on his weapon

While Dave was overheating in the costume, we finished building the device for him (no way he could do it wearing Foil Man gloves which have thumbs but no fingers!), and finished the scene with him picking it up and heading off into the hallway. And if you think all that sounds quite straightforward, well it took us two hours to shoot, and in case you were wondering Dave did get to watch his TV show.

Foil Man sets off in search
of students to eliminate


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