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by Henry Burrows

Four Scared Students and One Crazy Dream
Farnborough, Hampshire
Bodies present: Ian Lindsay, Rebecca Croxson, Sue Element, Mike Varty, David Randell, Mark Robert Stalker, Henry Burrows

Foil Man devours his pizza
The second day with the new cast, and more help was on hand from Mark S who took on the role of Boom Operator tonight. We started with a scene that had been shot with the old cast - Scanner's first dream. The scene involved Foil Man eating a pizza while Scanner watched in horror. While Sue headed off to buy the pizza, we watched old footage so that everyone would know what they'd be coming up against soon. We also made the dream sequence a little more surreal than before by hanging objects from nails on the wall in the background. Not that a man wrapped from head to toe in foil eating a pizza isn't surreal enough, of course...

Staring in horror
I also took some time to introduce Mark to one of our small foil-wrapped aliens by concealing some fishing wire behind my back and making an alien climb out of our props box. He stared in horror at the thing's movements, completely freaked until I pointed out the wire pulling it. He admitted to being totally fooled, which has to be good for the movie!

As we'd taken more time over the dream sequence than expected (mainly due to a mix-up in the pizza shop where they forgot to cook the pizza...) we only had time to shoot one other scene. This was in the kitchen once again, all four of the students staring in horror at Foil Man's attempts to gain access to the house and eliminate them.

Most amusing moment of the evening came when Ian fluffed his lines but continued on, saying something like "bongalong a ding dong" which, as Jimmy is supposed to be drunk, could almost be realistic! Having said that, it's unlikely to make the final cut.

Dave, as Foil Man, got to run around outside and look menacing - and overheat in the costume. He couldn't see much with bright red LEDs in front of his eyes and total darkness outside, but somehow he got to the right places at the right times.

Foil Man at the back-door


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