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by Henry Burrows

New Cast, New Location, and pasta shapes...
Farnborough, Hampshire
Bodies present: Ian Lindsay, Rebecca Croxson, Sue Element, Mike Varty, David Randell, Henry Burrows

Jimmy opens a tin of spaghetti shapes
We decided to take things easy tonight, as this was the first scene for everyone involved and it was bound to take longer than normal. We started by setting up the kitchen for filming. Empty beer cans were placed in strategic locations and piles of washing-up created to give the room that authentic "student" feel. We spent some time placing magnetic letters onto the fridge door and arranging them into surreal words and phrases for those keen-eyed viewers. These letters will be a key element of the opening scenes, being used for the opening credits!

Mike the mike man
Then Ian psyched himself up, and became Jimmy for the filming of scene one. This involved him preparing his evening meal of unusual pasta shapes - tins of Barbie spaghetti, Power Rangers spaghetti, Tom & Jerry spaghetti and Power Rangers spaghetti. We had tried to find the good old "Space Invaders" spaghetti shapes, but it seems they're not on sale around here anymore. Anyway, the Barbie tin in particular was very surreal.

Becky as Helen
This scene went well, not that there was anything particularly tricky about it, and it was soon time to call in Becky for the first dialogue of the movie. At this point, we had an interesting idea from Mike, who suggested that we use one of his high quality microphones for the sound recording. We tried it and it offered much improved clarity, so the role of Boom Operator was born.

After a few rehearsals of the scene, Ian and Becky acted as if they'd been Jimmy and Helen all their lives. We shot a number of varying angles to give us maximum editing possibilities and then it was finished. Scene one - complete!

To finish the evening, we shot a couple of angles on Sue checking the windows and back-door for a scene later in the film when Foil Man is on the loose outside and trying to get in.


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