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by Henry Burrows

Dream Sequence, The Second, Part Two
Withington and Reddish, Greater Manchester
Bodies present: Henry Burrows, Howell Parry, Steven McCombe, Adam Ahmad

Steve and Adam
Wow - we've been filming for over a year now... and there's so much more to do! Oh well, we may not be the most efficient filmmakers, but we're getting there.

To finish the dream sequence that we'd begun last time, today we were filming Scanner's dream advisor, the strange and surreal Green Man. And we took this opportunity to introduce a new character to the movie, the equally weird White Man - Green Man's slave who says nothing, just stands in the background of each scene.

While Howell and I prepared the first location and the props, Steven McCombe changed into his green clothes and applied generous amounts of green make-up. Adam Ahmad did the same, but in white.

Steve, Howell and Adam arrive in the field
The first scene was shot in a spare room in Howell's house, Adam standing in various weird poses while Steve said his lines. To enhance the dream-like atmosphere, we made the background as white as possible - in fact Adam was almost blending into it as you can see above! I also shot some extreme close-ups of Steve's face as he grinned insanely - we checked the footage before heading out and it looked great.

Next we drove to a field in the Reddish area, scaring other motorists on the way with our two brightly coloured passengers. I'm sure we almost caused an accident when we parked by the side of a busy main road and walked off into the nearby field... on old man out taking his dog for a walk couldn't take his eyes from the utter Greenity of Steve.

And then, with surprising speed and efficiency, we shot the last part of the dream sequence and another scene was complete. There were no problems to speak of, so we used up some of the remaining tape shooting some surreal moments which may or may not end up edited into the dream. Steve was excellent as the Green Man, grinning insanely and really having fun with the role. Adam was suitably mysterious as the slave White Man, almost the complete opposite of his previous role in Foiled, the cheesy B-movie star Bob; is there no end to this man's talents?

Green Man goes wild


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