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by Henry Burrows

Filming The Lounge Scenes, Day Two
Bodies present: Henry Burrows, Howell Parry, Nick Stocker, Steve Powell, Helen Powell, Alex Wilkes, Rob Spilsbury

Nothing major today, just a continuation of last time's lounge scene that
Howell makes some noise
we didn't really get time to film then. We would have probably got more done today but Lis was on holiday and Howell had literally only got back from California hours before so we decided to take it easy.

Today's "amazing" special effect was a simulation of the sound of a dustbin being knocked over outside the house. Not having the right kind of dustbin available, and not wanting to repeatedly disturb the neighbours, we made the decision to fake the sound somehow. Howell, full of ideas after his visit to Universal Studios, became the sound effects man for the day, sitting on a stool outside the lounge and dropping a collection of baking trays onto a wooden board when Alex said her cue line. Astounding as it may sound, the noise was spot on. (To be honest, the credit for the idea must go to Steve).

Nick, sensing an opportunity, replaced Howell as Mr Clapperboard for the day, performing the vital role most excellently.


Rob had an easy time, having two lines in total - one of a single word, the other only two words. He'll make up for it on the next two days of filming which hopefully will be a couple of his weird dreams.

Steve found himself the object of some unscripted punches when he (completely in character as Jimmy) described Laura's boyfriend as "stupid". He then moved into the kitchen and we filmed a few minutes of him cooking beans which will come right at the start of the film.

Jimmy walks drunkenly across the lounge

Credit must go to Helen Powell for providing the baking trays used in the sound effects, and for not crying too much when we handed them back full of dents.


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