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by Howell Parry

Close Encounters Of The Pizza Kind
Gary as the Pizza Delivery Man

On Saturday, we did the first bit of real filming since June.

In the afternoon, I phoned around loads of pizza shops, begging for them to lend me a pizza delivery boy uniform. We got one, from Gino's Dial-A-Pizza in Urmston. It consisted of:

Add to it a white shirt and a red baseball cap and, hey presto, you've got yourself a pizza delivery man!

It was 7pm, and Gary White (from the band Strange) arrived at <Address Censored>, eager to shoot some of the important early scenes from the film.

We took approx. 1 hour to shoot the scenes. They involved Gary ringing the bell and saying "Here's your top pizza", looking around, seeing an alien running towards him, getting attacked by the alien, having convulsions on the driveway while the alien burrowed into his chest, and gradually he became Foil Man!

The alien ATTACKS!

Later that night, we did the first scenes with Foil Man. At approx. 1am, Sunday 1/12/96, I was wrapped from head to toe in No Frills kitchen foil, with red LED eyes, being extremely menacing and weird outside <Address Censored>.
Foil Man lives...

Because of the way the costume was made, I couldn't actually see anything!!!

Raf assisted me by showing me where to stand and which direction to walk in... Some people from the hall of residence next door watched through the window at one point and asked what we were doing. I even posed with two girls for a photo!!!! - but didn't see either of them.

Anyway, after all that, we've now got another 30 seconds to add to the final film.


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