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by Henry Burrows

Progress Report

As I'm off on holiday to Canada tomorrow for a couple of weeks, I'd thought I'd write up a general progress report so it doesn't look like we've ignored the diary completely.

The basic problem at the moment is that everyone's off on their summer holidays, or getting married, or moving house, or moving jobs... and it all adds up to not a lot of progress in the Foiled production. Plus we haven't quite perfected the Foil Man costume yet. Howell is working on it, patiently fixing small sections of foil onto the clothes, but he's yet to discover the ideal solution. Darren constructed a neat device which Foil Man will wear over his eyes to make them glow red at key points in the action, it looks pretty cool.

Once Foil Man has his costume, there are a couple of scenes we can film with a limited cast; the first appearance of Foil Man, and a couple of the bizarre dream sequences. They should be great fun to film, and everyone involved is really looking forward to them; they're hopefully taking place in September.

The main achievement recently has been the complete overhaul of the web pages.

Other than that, the only progress worth mentioning is that we finally made the decision to drop the hunt for a graveyard and rewrite the final few scenes of the film to take place amongst some mountains in North Wales. In a way I prefer this new ending as the landscape out there looks really alien, surrounded by huge piles of discarded slate from the old mines... plus it has the advantage of being well away from civilization so we might not get too many complaints when we start making our aliens explode!


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