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by Henry Burrows

Location: Peak Forest and nearby
Bodies present: Howell Parry, Nick Stocker and Henry Burrows

The plan today was to first check out the graveyard Nick had discovered in the Peak Forest, and then to test one of Howell's smoke bombs.

Nick drove us to the graveyard and it looked really cool. Even better, thanks to Nick we had permission to use it in Foiled. Unfortunately it was right next to a major road and the traffic was fairly constant and loud. Getting decent sound with the camera would prove to be very tricky, we decided. It was with some reluctance that we decided not to use it.

Next we headed off to a quiet spot to test Howell's smoke bomb, one of many required for the climactic battle scenes. None of us had ever set one of these things off before, so we had no idea what to expect. Would it explode in a ball of thick white smoke? Or would it gently smoulder away, wisps of smoke drifting upwards as it burned? Neither actually, as no-one could get the damn thing to light...

Howell and Nick stare helplessly at the annoying smoke bomb

Then, with the clever move of putting the smoke bomb out of the wind in some grass, it ignited! Smoke began pouring out and Howell stepped back in amazement. It didn't last very long, but the effect was good enough that it might have its uses.

Howell is amazed at the smoke

To round the day off, we headed to nearby Castleton and went down into the Speedwell Caverns where we took an underground boat trip along a flooded tunnel with a very low roof.

On our way out of the caves


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