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by Henry Burrows

Location: Hartford nr Northwich
Bodies present: Steve Powell, Alex Dimond, Rob Spilsbury, Chris Morgan, Nick Stocker, Henry Burrows and Helen Powell

Looks like we're getting one day of filming per month at the moment, then. Today we were filming the hastily relocated bedroom scenes - the action has shifted from Laura's bedroom into Scanner's now - and very graciously Steve offered us the use of a spare room in his house. Thanks Steve (& Helen!).
Steve putting up curtains

Nick and I got straight down to the old favourite - blacking out the windows. Steve suddenly realised his curtains weren't long enough to cover the entire window so to avoid unsightly pieces of black cardboard showing through, he found some new (flowery!) curtains and put them up instead.

Soon we were ready to go. Except we were still missing just one thing. Ray. Well, to be precise, Chris Morgan, who'd be playing the part of Ray. Shooting was scheduled to begin at midday, and by one thirty we were a little concerned that perhaps he couldn't find us. Either that or he'd forgotten entirely (or chickened out...). No-one had a phone number for him, so things were starting to look desperate. Would we ever get these scenes filmed?

After some heavy persuasion we finally convinced Nick that he wanted to play the part. Everyone got into position - camera ready, lines learned, me about to shout action... when - the doorbell rang. It was Chris! Nick was incredibly relieved.

Other than that a pretty uneventful day - perhaps a bit warm in that room with the windows and door closed and the actors wearing their winter clothes (well the film is supposed to be set in winter!), but we survived. We also had our first special effects, which (not to give too much away here) involved Nick (in his capacity as Alien Wrangler) lying on the floor between Chris's legs....... I'll say no more.

Here's a still from one of the key scenes we filmed. I call this one "What's in the lunchbox?"


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