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by Henry Burrows

Location: Manchester
Bodies present: Rob Spilsbury, Steve Powell, Alex Dimond, Tim Kennedy, Henry Burrows, Nick Stocker and Helen Powell

After a few weekends of people being generally busy and unavailable for filming we all got together again back at the bedroom to continue with the bedroom scenes. Nick and I arrived early (11am) to black-out the windows, which seemed to take an age, and by the time we finished all the actors had appeared - Steve, Alex, Rob and Tim.

Suddenly the day's major problem made itself apparent (there's always a major problem): Tim, who would be playing the part of Ray, had his two young children at weekends and naturally they'd come along with him. And being young children we couldn't really tell them to keep the noise down when the camera was on. After much pondering from all of us we had to bid Tim a sad farewell, and start the casting process all over again for Ray. Everyone instantly thought Howell would make a good Ray but he decided that the role of Foil Man was enough for him... so the Ray/bedroom scenes were postponed.

Other than that everything went surprisingly well. Another five scenes complete! The pressure on Nick to move into the room was now so great that it was decided via Script Consultant Helen Powell that the remaining bedroom scenes would be filmed in a different room altogether (handily for her it would be one in her house...). I decided we could fit it into the story without too much trouble, just a minor rewrite.

Everyone vanished except for Nick and myself, and we began clearing up the room. I found myself calculating how long it would take to complete the shooting at the current rate and lost track somewhere around November........


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