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by Nick Stocker

Location: Goyt Valley
Bodies present: Henry Burrows, Howell Parry, Jaime Katz, Adam Ahmad and Nick Stocker

The day began by buying the last remaining shirt from Pound Stretcher and immediately throwing it in mud and slashing it with a pen-knife. This was to be my costume. Filming began at around 2pm and lasted about 3 hours. At first I had my doubts as to whether we would get through all 30-something shots before the sun went down but in the end we DID manage it. At the end of the three hours I was extremely cold after having been hanging around (sometimes half-naked) in a not very warm wood and spending what seemed like an age lying in mud! The acting from Jaime and Adam was spot on especially considering it was both of their acting debuts. Apparently I too was good as the monster and was very scary (and that was without the make-up!). I was very impressed with Henry's directing who knew exactly what he was doing. (Good job somebody did). Howell also was top notch and kept everyone in control.

Thanks must go to the lady in the Buxton fish & chip restaurant who took our photo and to the man behind the counter at Carrington's off-license in Didsbury who was the only person to point out my make-up.

For more info on the scenes we shot today, take a look at the Saturday Night Zombies page.

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