Back Tuesday 8th August 2000

by Henry Burrows

Next Screening Soon

One month from today the Festival Of Fantastic Films is taking place in Manchester - the city where Foiled takes place - and we'll be there!  So if you want to watch the movie, and you just can't wait until we get our distribution sorted, then this could be the ideal opportunity...

One or two of the cast members might be putting in appearances; certainly myself and Howell will be there.  So get your tickets soon and come join us!

In case you're wondering what I've been up to since the last journal entry (which was a while ago, I admit!), I've been working heavily on the Foiled Productions short movie "The Jedi Who Loved Me" (yes, it's a 'Star Wars Fan Film').  It features some incredible special effects, a few laugh-out-loud moments, a fun "fairytale" storyline, runs for 21 minutes, and had its premiere in Toronto, Canada on July 15th, at the wedding of Foiled star Adam Ahmad.

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