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by Henry Burrows

The World Premiere

The big day was here at last - the first big screen showing of Foiled, at a top venue in London's West End!

We hired cinema 1 (185 seats) at the ICA for the morning, and over the past few weeks sent out invitations to everyone involved in the making, as well as friends, relatives and anyone else who might be interested.

We even went as far as inviting along some famous people to see if any would turn up - none did, but we received messages of best wishes from both Ewan McGregor and Tony Blair!  I think Ewan had the best excuse for not attending - he was currently involved in filming in Australia...

10:45am - Outside the ICA a crowd has gathered, enjoying the beautiful weather (which makes a change from the rain we've been having up until today). Suddenly a gleaming white stretch-limo pulls up and tourists immediately begin to rush over to see who is about to emerge... There is a huge round of applause as the stars begin to get out - Ian Lindsay and his girlfriend, Mike Varty and Sue Element, David Randell, Mark Stalker and his sister, Howell Parry, and Shaun Gostelow.  Suddenly everyone is calling for photographs.

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11:00am - The screening of Foiled begins...

The full premiere programme featured:-

After the screening most people went through into the bar to chat about the movie and meet the stars - and everyone was very positive about it, asking when they'll be able to buy copies, and when our next screening will be!  Watch this space, as they say.

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