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by Henry Burrows

Happy New Year

Welcome to the year 2000.

Mike in the closing credits
I can't believe how long it's been since the last journal entry - where did the last couple of months go??  Anyway, Foiled now has a soundtrack, closing credits, and I've put a rough copy onto videotape... rough because my PC seems to lock up after 71 minutes of the film, so I have had to put in a highly dodgy manual edit.  Which has highlighted the fact that Foiled is very edit unfriendly - there are almost no points in the film where I can cut cleanly between scenes.  Shots either dissolve smoothly from one to the next, or the soundtrack continues over a fade-out.

Still, a rough copy now exists, and has been seen by a very small preview audience - who all gave positive reviews (might be just because they're all friends, but it's encouraging anyway).  The next stage is to find a suitable venue for the World Premiere.  We're looking in London and Manchester; London now being preferable as almost all of the cast live in this area.  The premiere is expected to take place sometime in February.

In the meantime, while Foiled is preparing itself for release, a few of us from the crew have been working on a short movie to celebrate the marriage later this year of Adam Ahmad.  He's written the screenplay in the style of Star Wars, and we've already done a couple of days shooting around London.  It's called The Jedi Who Loved Me, and will feature some ground-breaking (for me!) special effects.

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