Louise Anne Bateman

Where are you from?

Crawley, West Sussex.

Do you have much acting and/or production (stage or TV) experience? What was your acting debut, and how old were you?

My acting debut was a school production of "The Three Bears" when I was 5, playing a bear. I've done considerable stage work; I once wrote, directed and starred in my own Buffy play.

How did you get involved in Fluffy?

My babysitter is a member of the Buffy newsgroup - she got the ad from Henry.

Why did you audition for the part of Fluffy?

Everyone wanted me to - I originally intended to just go for Ash.

Is this your first film, or have you been involved in other films?

It's my first film.

Are you a Buffy fan?

Yes, since the series started on BBC2.

What have you gained from your involvement in Fluffy?

Experience and bruises!

Any hobbies / obsessions? (Things you enjoy doing)

Musical theatre and creative writing.

Any amusing acting / production cockups (faux pas) - things going wrong on stage etc.?

You'd have to watch the video of me in "The Three Bears" when I was aged 5.

Any bizarre talents?


Any achievements you'd like to mention?

Joining Crawley Operatic Society.

Any annoying habits?

Biting my nails until they bleed.

Favourite films?

Labyrinth, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

Favourite director(s) + actor(s) + actress(es)?

Favourite director: Jim Henson.
Actor: Jonathon Rhys Meyers.
Actress: Miranda Richardson.

If you could meet one person dead or alive, who would it be?

Harry Houdini.

What's your favourite fluffy thing?

Jammie Dodgers!