Kat Whitaker

Where are you from?


Do you have much acting and/or production (stage or TV) experience? What was your acting debut, and how old were you?

No. I studied drama at school, and played a shop assistant in a play when I was 15 or 16.

How did you get involved in Fluffy?

I saw a posting on the Buffy UK web site.

Why did you audition for the part of Ash?

Because she's supposed to be Willow - Willow's my favourite character, and her lines in the Fluffy script are really funny.

Is this your first film, or have you been involved in other films?

Yes, this is my first film.

Are you a Buffy fan?

Yes, since the beginning.

What have you gained from your involvement in Fluffy?

I've learned not to be so shy.

Do you have any claims to fame? (E.g. meeting famous people, appearances on TV / stage etc.)

Carol Decker (lead singer from T'Pau) lives opposite me.
I work in Virgin Megastore so I've met lots of famous people (including Simon Pegg).
Also, I've met lots of stars at Buffy conventions.

Any hobbies / obsessions? (Things you enjoy doing)

Buffy, Spaced, TV.

Any bizarre talents?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? Bizarre talents? No, I can't think of any bizarre talents but I am just bizarre. Well the word bizarre was just a nicer word for what I've been called ;0)

Any amusing / mad stories about things you've done, or have happened to you?

Errrrrrrrm? I take the 5th amendment; all my stories are either incriminating or REALLY embarrassing.

Any achievements you'd like to mention?

I've got a certificate from MENSA.

Any annoying habits?

I really like winding people up.

Favourite films?

This gets me every time - I have SO many fave films.... all the Kevin Smith films, John Cusack Films and Seth Green films, The Crow, X-Men *MmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmWolverine*, films by the Farrelly brothers, oh I'm gonna stop now before I go mad.

Favourite director(s) + actor(s) + actress(es)?

Favourite director: John Cusack.
Favourite actors: John Cusack, Seth Green.
Favourite actresses: Neve Campbell, Drew Barrymore (I have the same tattoo as her on my ankle).

If you could meet one person dead or alive, who would it be?

*They're all alive* - either Mick Foley, The Undertaker or Jericho from WWF.

What's your favourite fluffy thing?

Chewing on cotton wool.