Aidan Robinson

Where are you from?

Originally Bournemouth, Dorset, now live in Winnersh, Berkshire

Do you have much acting and/or production (stage or TV) experience? What was your acting debut, and how old were you?

My first acting experience was a school play when I was 7. I was one of the 3 wise men in the school nativity; big white beard, long cloak, gold goblet, etc.

How did you get involved in Fluffy?

I have known Henry for several years. He mentioned the Buffy Fan-Film idea and asked if I would like to help as a Vampire Extra.

Why did you audition for the part of vampire extra?

Henry asked for me to do the part. It's only an extra part but it's a start.

Is this your first film, or have you been involved in other films?

My first film.

Are you a Buffy fan?

Yes. Watch it every week.

What have you gained from your involvement in Fluffy?

It is always good to meet other Buffy fans. I have gained an insight in to how films are made, especially the time and effort everyone put in over several days to film Fluffy and the hours of painstaking work in the back rooms to edit and add the special effects.

Do you have any claims to fame? (E.g. meeting famous people, appearances on TV / stage etc.)

Not really, met a few famous people like Princess Diana, a few actors.

Any hobbies / obsessions? (Things you enjoy doing)

I have my pilots license so fly aeroplanes when I can and I ride a motorbike to get the adrenalin pumping.

Any amusing acting / production cockups (faux pas) - things going wrong on stage etc.?

When I was young I was in a school play. I had to fight a snake to rescue the princess. Unfortunately I pulled the head right off the snake in one clean pull. The cast and audience fell about laughing. The teachers were not amused.

Any bizarre talents?

I can fly aeroplanes. Not really bizarre but then not something most people do.

Any amusing / mad stories about things you've done, or have happened to you?

I flew in a Harrier Jump Jet recently. About 600mph at tree top height. A truly amazing experience. I once got a ride in Chinook helicopter. The loading ramp was open so I sat with my feet dangling out the back and waved at people on the ground. It must have looked bizarre from the ground.

I've done bungee jumping, parachute jumps and death swings. Infact I'll do anything to get my feet off the ground.

Any achievements you'd like to mention?

Did I mention I can fly aeroplanes!!!!

Any annoying habits? Are there any things that you say a lot?

Nothing apart from saying I can fly aeroplanes too much.

Favourite films?

Usual Suspects, Blade Runner, Top Gun (It got me into flying)

Favourite director(s) + actor(s) + actress(es)?

Director: Tim Burton
Actor: Morgan Freeman, Kelsey Grammer
Actress: Jessica Rabbit (those curves).

If you could meet one person dead or alive, who would it be?

Julius Robert Oppenheimer, widely credited with creating the first atomic bomb, to ask if knew at the time what he was creating.

What's your favourite fluffy thing?

A fluffy toy of Bullseye from Toy Story 2.