Fluffy: "I'll... get worried..."
- "Lord Of The Ring"
Fluffy Winters

In every generation there is a chosen one.  Fluffy is not that chosen one.  On the list of potential Slayers, Fluffy currently ranks about 11th.  Which means if the 10 Slayers above her on the list are killed by the forces of darkness, she'll become the chosen one.  But the chances of that happening are so remote, she has reluctantly accepted that she'll never get to fight on the front lines.

She does, however, have an important role in the fight against the demons and vampires of the world - or should that be underworld?  Many of the forces of evil are clever enough not to congregate around the chosen Slayer, where a swift death is always on the horizon.  No, indeed many of them inhabit other countries, keeping as low profiles as they can while feeding off the hapless humans that surround them.

Fortunately, these monsters do tend to stick together.  Find one group of vampires, and you can be sure that a horde of flesh-eating demons is not far away.  Fluffy herself lives in an area with an above-average population of nether creatures - Sunningdale, in the south of England.  Keeping that population under control is Fluffy's main role in life.

Together with her Watcher, Farmer, and her best friends Alex and Ash, Fluffy is a force to reckon with...