Farmer: "Ash, you know that's not what this was designed for.  It could have disastrous consequences."
- "Lord Of The Ring"
Ted Farmer

Farmer is not your typical Watcher.  He's an American who moved to England in the hope of joining the Watcher's Council - but was rejected purely on the basis of his nationality.  Not one to accept defeat so easily, he took it upon himself to learn the art of Watching from the few books he could find on the subject.  When Fluffy moved to Farmer's new home town of Sunningdale, he took on the job of training her and providing her with the information she needs to perform her Slaying duties.

Books are still Farmer's preferred method of researching the various creatures that emerge from the shadows at night, but recently he has let Ash and Alex talk him into buying a computer.  He might detest the machine, but he accepts that it can be a useful tool for finding out the latest news on the threats that surround them.