Ash: "This computer is not a happy bunny."
- "Lord Of The Ring"
Ash Johannesburg

When Fluffy first moved to Sunningdale, the first life she saved from the threat of vampires was a girl called Ash.  Since then, they've been the best of friends.  Back in her schooldays, Ash was the typical class nerd, rarely going out, getting top marks in all her subjects, and a genius with a computer.  Now, though, after that fateful meeting with Fluffy, she is discovering a new side to her character, a real purpose to her life, as she helps Fluffy with the fight against evil.

Ash and Alex go back a long way.  They've grown up together, going to the same schools, being taught in the same classes, hanging out together in the holidays.  She helped him with his homework, and was probably the sole reason he passed his exams.

More recently, Ash has discovered, through research in Farmer's library of ancient books, an interest in witchcraft.  Mainly for helping Fluffy in the fight against the creatures of the night, of course, but she has also found uses for her skills in everyday life.  She's not at full power yet, but she is learning.