Alex: "And while he was smiling, you were on top of him, right?  Hey, I'd smile..."
- "Lord Of The Ring"
Alex Harrison

Alex redefines the term "lazy".  He considers himself part of Fluffy's team, fighting evil wherever it appears, but in reality he is rarely of much use, preferring to stand in the background and just hand Fluffy her wooden stakes.  If it wasn't for his lifelong friend, Ash, who helped him out with his homework at school, he'd probably never have passed any of his exams.  Since leaving school, Alex has been "seeking employment", but prefers to hang out at Farmer's house, secretly hoping that one day he'll know enough to become a Watcher himself, with his own slightly-younger-than-himself Slayer to "look after".

His main interests outside fighting the forces of darkness are drinking, and playing computer games.