Saturday 8th September, 2001
- Enhancing the cemetery -

by Henry Burrows

Post-production continues after a few weeks off working on another couple of short films.  Today it's time to improve some of the shots from the cemetery scene - they look fairly plain and really need a little something extra adding.

Here are a couple of stills from the cemetery scene to show you what I mean:-

There are two main problems with these shots.  Firstly the sky is a very boring white (especially as the script states that this scene takes place at sunset!) and secondly the building we're using as the Count's lair has its door covered with metal sheeting.

So how can these be improved?  The solution is fairly simple, if a little time-consuming.  I sent a still shot of the Count's lair over to Steven McCombe, who sent back a retouched image with a wooden door hiding the metal sheeting.   Next I replaced the skies with images rendered with Terragen, and finished up by altering the colouring of the scene to match the sky.  Here's what the new enhanced shots look like:-

Much nicer, I'm sure you'll agree!!