Saturday 5th May, 2001
- Night-time exteriors -

by Henry Burrows

Tonight we were back in the garden for the opening scene of the film, where Fluffy confronts two "rogue" vampires, played by Howell Parry and Mark Flitter.  One of the vampires is easily killed, but the other seems to have a strange resistance to death...

We arrived at the location before it got dark, and started to set up lights and plan where the action would take place.  And immediately spotted a slight continuity issue - the tree which we'd had to work around last time was now in full blossom!  Just our luck... and not easy to explain away in the story, as this scene takes place before the one we shot last time...

Once we had the lights aligned correctly, and the fights rehearsed (in segments, to keep things simple), we started.  No major problems this time, just a few minor ones including Howell kicking Louise instead of her jumping over his foot, Mark's vampire mask falling off, and Louise freezing from the cold (we had to wrap her in coats between takes).

That's it for action sequences now.  All the remaining scenes take place in Farmer's house, and are mainly dialogue, so should be easy to shoot.