Sunday 11th March, 2001
- The perils of British weather -

by Henry Burrows

Today was to have been the first full day of filming; one of the most complex scenes in the movie, set entirely in an anonymous clearing.  We had a great location; a space near the bottom of a garden surrounded by hedges and plants which hid (most of the time) the nearby houses.  The first problem (there is always at least one problem!) was that we were missing an actress.  A little bit of thinking and we decided we could go ahead anyway, and fit her shots in later, as she wasn't central to the scene.

The second problem presented itself when Steven McCombe was putting on his make-up for the vampire leader, Count Von Whedon.  His teeth (purchased in the morning from a local costume shop) would not stick in place!  A couple of people were sent to the nearest supermarket to pick up some dental adhesive, to see if that would do the job better.  In the meantime, he kept himself busy applying distinctive purple make-up to his face and hands.

The third problem (oh yes, another one) was - of course - the dreaded British weather.  It started to rain.  Not just a few spots of water - oh no, it decided to rain very heavily, and gave no signs of letting up.  It looked like the day might be a complete disaster, so we decided we'd make the most of the cast and crew, and the made-up Count, by shooting a few indoor scenes for the opening titles.  We also made an on-the-spot decision to grab a shot of the Count playing an organ which we'll use as his introduction in the movie.  And, fortunately, the dental adhesive did the job of keeping his pointy teeth firmly attached!

So the day wasn't a total waste, but knowing the difficulties in getting all the relevant people together at the same time, it was frustrating not to get more done.